Town Women & Children Hospital

Every patient matters to us, we treat Allah heals

About us

Mission statement

We aim to develop a modern institution for providing comprehensive in and out patient treatment facilities for sick children and preventative services for healthy children in the provincial capital of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa.

Our objective is to establish and develop the first ever institution in the province of a private sector hospital dedicated providing neonatal and paediatric intensive care services in addition to other general inpatient and outpatient services for children with common and more complex illnesses.

‘Achieving world class services’ at ‘affordable cost’ is at the heart of our project. Our approach is not only to provide medical care to our patients but to provide a friendly environment for their families that we are sure will be a unique experience.


The hospital will In sha Allah prove to be the leading model not only for medical care but also be an advocate for children and raise awarareness for the welfare of children in the region and at the national level. Given our strong working relationship with United Kingdom, we aim to develop a close network with agencies and health care providers locally (province and countrywide) and internationally. Our vision is to develop an exclusive institution working for the welfare of children and women in the region.

The hospital is opening its maternity services in the near future in order to improve obstetric care and perinatal mortality in the region.

Aims and Objectives

Our immediate aim is to introduce a modern pleasant and positive change in the health services provided to the children and their families in this region at an affordable cost. We are planning to expand our services to provide facility for women with child birth and other maternity services.

How to support this program

We have established a children welfare fund in hospital with a decent percentage from the hospital in house resources. Although TWCH is a non charitable organisation. It would endure to provide services for our less fortunate patients from it’s indigenously established well fare fund and would welcome donation from outside as well. The fund is maintained and will be audited regularly to ensure the transparent policy of the hospital is adhered to. and implemented. Following are details for donation to this fund

What distinguishes us from other facilities

A majority of our consulting staff has graduated from local medical schools and have post graduate qualifications from Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health in London (UK).They have been trained and experienced in dealing with life-threatening (acute) conditions of children and are far better placed in tackling long-standing illnesses (chronic) in a sensitive manner. They are trained to approach families of these children with care and empathy –, hence the hospital ambience has been designed to cater to the attending family members with sympathy.

We have also ensured that other health professional and team members are trained following the same policy.

Facilities we provide

We are aiming to provide intensive care services to babies who are born early (extremely premature babies) or who are sick for other reasons. Our facilities provide intensive carer services to very sick older children, which is a service provided exclusively at our hospital in the whole of this province In addition to the intensive care services we also provide care to newborn and older children with general medical care issues, including photo therapy, exchange transfusion and intravenous rehydration to children with diarrhoea and vomiting.

We have a range of patient services where children are seen on a day-to-day basis for a variety of illness.

We also provide emergency services children. We are the leading hospital in providing facilities for transporting newborn babies delivered in other hospitals within the region after stabilizing them locally.